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SK Total hiding double clash

Skeleton King

Created by YelkStudios
Updated Mar 5, 2023


the idea of the deck is that the royal ghost makes the skeleton king invisible and 2 minis



Required level and stars for the deck to work:

Skeleton King=level 8

Royal ghost=3 star

Spear Goblin=1 star

Prince=3 star

Golden Giant=1 star

Miner=3 star

Basically the main idea of this deck is mainly to use a Skeleton King along with a Royal Ghost with the 2nd and 3rd star and use the clash abilities of Spear Goblin and Prince along with invisibility to deal damage together with the miner to do damage to the distant troops with the invisibility and the golden giant is alone to have a good synergy but usually does not contribute anything, The deck mainly aims to have a good synergy and mainly use the skeleton king with a royal ghost that you have the last 2 stars and along with them a prince oh spear goblin with invisibility to do damage with the abilities, generally it is a deck that only has As key, the skeleton king and royal ghost with the last 2 stars while the rest of the deck can be used in different ways but hey, he better clarified what each minis will do.

1: Skeleton King

the skeleton king together with the royal ghost will be the main minis of this deck since the skeleton king has great damage, not to mention the hero with the most damage in the game and together with his ability in addition to his isolated damage and dissipation make them a hero extremely powerful along with his rebirth ability, the main function of skeleton king is to make him invisible with the royal ghost ability so that skeleton king does the most damage possible with the help of royal ghost and recommended along with a goblin spear oh miner to accompany, There isn't much else to say except that the skeleton king with its isolated damage and its 2 abilities is very good both to defend and to attack in this deck.

2: Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost along with Skeleton King is the most important mini and its function in this deck would practically be to become invisible along with Skeleton King and what if this oh yes it has at least the last 2 stars because with it it becomes a terminator from beyond and what a great help in the deck, the first one is not recommended so much ah I don't know what elixir pump has. and it is not recommended to use the royal ghost in the first round and it is more advisable to use golden giant with some other mini like Spear Goblin and in later rounds to use the royal ghost in order to have a good elixir cycle although it is not a bad idea to do it and what On several occasions it can be useful.

in a nutshell basically the function of royal ghost is to be the main mini of the deck together with skeleton king and to have the last 2 stars and to make the allied troops invisible.

3: Spear Goblin

Spear Goblin is an important mini in the deck since in addition to having a good elixir cycle we have his clash ability of the spear which can be used on several occasions, unlike most decks it is recommended to make the Spear Goblin invisible together with skeleton king since normally Spear Goblin never takes the function of attacking from a distance and its main fusion is its clash ability and its good synergy in addition to accompanying well with the prince but I repeat never use them as a distance attack but make it invisible together with skeleton king to accompany and to use his clash ability and also put the 3 in the third row of the board.

4: Prince

The prince fusion is to use his clash ability to damage the rival minis together with Spear Goblin but not only that but the prince is a special mini in this deck and what can be made invisible without the need for it next to royal ghost doing what we could have 4 invisible minis, to do this you just have to put the royal ghost together with the Skeleton king and Spear Goblin as normally done and put the prince behind one of them either Skeleton king or Spear Goblin, then The Prince at the moment of using his ability will go through one of the 2 and will become invisible since he was in the same square of those minis where the royal ghost used his ability.

In a few words just put the prince behind royal ghost oh one of the minis that are next to him like skeleton king and he will become invisible making us have 4 invisible minis, this is technically not a bug and it is a tips which ends being very helpful in this deck.

Thanks to this, the prince ends up being a very important mini due to his clash ability and his tips with the royal ghost, and also due to his last faithful pony star, which ends up being very useful.

Something that I would also like to clarify is that prince cannot be made invisible with royal ghost if he is next to it and only when he is one square behind, giving space for other minis, making us have 4 invisible minis.

5: Miner

Unlike the Prince Miner, it is not capable of obtaining the royal ghost effect unlike the prince, but that does not take away the fact that it is useful since it can still be used with its third star to kill troops from long range and help in Although the deck is generally not a mini-strong deck, on some occasions it can be very useful against decks that carry various attack troops from a distance, such as barbarian king's 2-elixir decks.

6: golden giant

technically the only contribution of golden giant in this deck is for its cost and life, that is, golden giant is good in the first round for its life to accompany the skeleton king along with a Spear Goblin, but in the second Round where we can use to the royal ghost and there simply golden giant does not contribute anything more than giving 3 elixir, in a few words the only golden giant fusion in this deck is for his good life for 3 elixir for the first rounds and only that, but not that I want to say that golden giant is bad since even so it is of good use for the first game and among all the minis to fill the sixth place golden giant was the best option for his life for the first rounds, so even if golden giant contributes few works you stop the first few rounds for your life.

so basically the strategy of this deck is to use golden giant in the first round together with Spear Goblin oh Miner and then sell it to use the royal ghost which will make the skeleton king invisible together with some mini like Goblin Spear oh Prince, In addition to the fact that the third star of Prince's pony helps a lot since his pony pushes and stuns the enemies and in a deck of this type it is useful, while Miner helps with his third star to kill units that attack from a distance oh to destroy contraption with the help of Prince oh Spear Goblin.



The reason why it is not a good idea to use Royal ghost 3 stars and only use its last 2 stars is because you can improve minis like the Prince, Spear Goblin, and Miner and when you combine quantity with quality, good results are achieved but if 4 rounds are reached so it is a good idea to use royal ghost 3 star but keeping the improvement of the previous minis.


if you play a contest and win the first 2 rounds then in the third round take out all your minis (including royal ghost) and put the skeleton king in front, and once we reach the finals of the contest our opponent won't know how to defend our deck Due to which we only see the skeleton king in front while we do and so we can deceive the rival by doing that he does not know how to defend our attack of skeleton king royal ghost and he does not know of the Spear Goblin and Prince doing that they manage to do good damage to the su minis with his skills and we also have a lot of elixir to spare, this will make the game much easy.


Saint MirrorSaint Mirror
Saint Mirror
Skeleton King
Spear Goblin
Royal Ghost

Saint Mirror will probably be the best Gizmo for this deck because in addition to having great offensive power, 2 clash abilities combined and invisibility along with a 2 star royal ghost, Saint Mirror will be in charge of reflecting damage to the rival minis while protecting our minis which will do enormous damage to the rival minis.

Elixir CollectorElixir Collector
Elixir Collector
Skeleton King
Spear Goblin
Royal Ghost

If this deck was already very strong with elixir pump, it is 3 times more, there is not much to protect the elixir pump from clash abilities with the skeleton king and with 2 clash abilities to damage the enemy troops while they with invisibility do enormous damage to the enemy troops and how The defensive troops are distracted Miner with his last star will be helping by attacking the troops that attack from a distance oh to distract the troops in general.

Pocket ArtilleryPocket Artillery
Pocket Artillery
Skeleton King
Spear Goblin
Royal Ghost
Golden Giant

This strategy works a lot against the archer queen and royal champion decks and basically deals with the same strategy as the skeleton king royal ghost double clash but this time with the participation of golden giant who will be in charge of protecting the rocket from the enemy minis with his life while skeleton king and royal ghost will already be doing theirs causing good damage to the enemy minis so that in the end the rocket comes out killing the enemy minis, and if it has the opportunity put a miner to accompany but the truth does not have much influence but if you want to do it.

SK Total hiding double clash
Spear Goblin
Royal Ghost
Skeleton King

Created Mar 5, 2023 by YelkStudios


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconSpear GoblinMiner
    6Star (Max) + 9 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconGolden Giant
    3Star (Max) + 12 remaining elixir
  • 4 Elixir iconRoyal GhostPrince

About This Deck

The deck SK Total hiding double clash was originally created on Mar 5, 2023 by YelkStudios. This deck uses Skeleton King as the hero with Spear Goblin, Royal Ghost, Golden Giant, Prince, and Miner as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 15, DPS at 12.8, and HP at 155.

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