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Monk MK healer


Created by YelkStudios
Updated Mar 5, 2023


The main idea of the deck is that the BT heals and gives energy to the monk and mega knight.



Level and stars required for it to work:

Monk=level 8

Ice Wizard=2 stars

Miner=3 stars

Lumberjack=2 stars

Mega Knight=3 stars

Battle Healer=3 stars

The main idea of the deck is that the mega knight is the main tank of the deck and that at least he has his third star of dark armor while the monk charges his ability to use his ability while the battle healer must have at least his second star for what the monk in addition to healing can use his ability faster.

meanwhile the ice wizard with his 2 star would be helping by freezing the various enemy troops to a large extent thanks to his 2 stars and the minimum Miner must have his third star to help killing the long-range minis and if his second star can be used to make it more effective, and the minimum Lumberjack has the 2 star so the deck is stronger with rage acceleration.

In a few words, the battle healer heals and the energies of the monk and mega knight is which will tank several attacks while it heals it and receives energy and by having the 3 star dark armor it will be able to stun the enemy minis more.

and the function of miner ice wizard and Lumberjack in the deck, even if it is minor, is of great help. miner helps when killing long-range minis, ice wizard with his 2 star gives enormous support by slowing down the troops, and Lumberjack with at least his first star It is already capable of helping quite a bit by accelerating the monk and battle healer.

In short, the deck can be used in various ways but if used correctly it can be very effective in the game.

now explain the function of each deck minis:

1: Monk

The monk is clearly the main mini of the deck, his function in the deck is basically like that of any monk deck but with the help of the battle healer since she, in addition to healing him, can give energy points if he uses his third star doing what he does. monk to be much more effective since in addition to obtaining more energy it is to heal him from time to time and combined with his ability to make them a great useful mini.

basically its function would be like that of any monk, only what here yes oh yes you should use the 3 stat of batte healer to make it much more effective, and also upgrade her to her second star because to be honest her first star is pretty useless in this deck.

2: Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard's function is quite simple but very effective since ice wizard with his 2 stars simply becomes a great mini in this deck since he is capable of enormously slowing down various enemy minis to a large extent making his effectiveness here being very tall and tanked with a mega knight with battle healer is pretty annoying.

3: Miner

Miner is probably less effective mini, but clearly not to say that it's not useful how long its last 2 stars have it is capable of dealing great damage to minis that are normally long range making the Miner effective for long mini defeat scope, basically its use would be what we know but in this deck it is very useful.

4: Lumberjack

The Lumberjack with only its first star is simply very useful. We are talking about a mini with 2 elixirs, which is capable of making your minis have enormous acceleration, causing greater damage and also their energy bar I managed to load faster.

but after several analyzes and compared to the deck, technically Lumberjack is almost not used in the deck, since even though it has great use, it practically does not fit into the deck, it seems like an ornament, so due to this they can change Lumberjack for a fire wizard oh a mini what is more to your liking.

5: mega knight

Mega knight is a very useful mini in this deck not only to protect our mini for his good Hitpoints and his ability but also with his third star of dark armor plus the third star of battle healer will simply make the mega knight not stop damage and stun the enemy minis while the monk also receives energy and it is to heal him, basically the mega knight fusion in this deck is to protect the minis with his Hitpoints and together with his third star and the third star of the battle healer simply do what mega knight becomes a very strong minis that does not stop stunning the enemy minis while it is healing him as well as the monk is which with the help of battle healer will be able to charge his ability faster, This makes Mega Knight a very important mini in this deck as well as Battle Healer.

6: Battle Healer

already at this point battle healer simply needs no introduction and what hasn't been said about her, Battle Healer is simply the most important mini of the entire deck along with Monk and ricketarily his support in the deck is simply overwhelmed since he is not only capable of heal the Mega Knight and Monk for 4 life but with his third star he is able to give energy to the allied minis and that is already something very efficient with the Mega Knight and Monk since in addition to what the Mega Knight does not stop stunning When combined with the enemy minis with his third star, the dark armor simply becomes a deadly weapon and what can't be said about the Monk, he simply becomes an extremely strong mini when the battle healer has his third star since the Monk will not only be able to charge his ability faster making it much more effective but which battle healer will also be given energy making him use his ability faster, the result is a Monk that does not stop doing 100 damage to the minis enemies with his ability and that's not counting the healing that only adds better flavor to this deck.

A little advice is that you never use your first star, since simply +2 life does not change anything, instead I recommend using your second star, since with it you are able to give immunity to all allied minis for 2 seconds, that is, we are completely Speaking of which I show Mega Knight and Monk being strictly immune to any damage for 2 seconds while they are healed and they can have them in all games since the battle healer simply does not stop healing and giving energy to the mega knight and Monk which they are already just very Powerful minis in this deck oh even more, now imagine what the battle healer from a shield to the mega knight and Monk we are talking about are immune to any damage while they are healed for 4 health, and this is It can be obtained during all the games, all this thanks to the battle healer, which makes it the most important mini along with the monk and its ability that destroys anything.

So with all this I advise you never use the first star of battle healer and only your last 2 stars since 2+ life compared to a destructive power of mega knight and Monk just make everything clear.

basically the idea of the deck is to use a monk with a battle healer with his last 2 stars and a mega knight with the dark armor so that the two of them together with the monk's ability simply destroy the team, although it is a deck that can be used in several ways and what the remaining 3 minis are not as important as the previous ones, but clearly that does not mean that they are useless since ice wizard is typically capable of slowing down a lot with his 2 stars while the miner with his third star is capable of giving great support killing long ranged minis and the Lumberjack with its 2 stars will just cause my deck to be much stronger than it already is.

although if they want they can remove the Lumberjack for another mini like Wizard since despite its great utility with its Rage ability as I said before after analyzing a few I realized that most of the time Lumberjack does not contribute much and is more It is feasible to spend the elixir on improving other minis so that Lumberjack could then be removed from Lumberjack by Wizard, but that does not mean that he is sometimes capable of giving incredible support.


Ice Wizard
Mega Knight
Battle Healer

created that the image of the strategy already speaks for itself, the idea of this strategy is basically to make the Monk die first and enter the Super sauna and that the minis do enough time for the Monk to get out of the Super Sauna and With the super power and his ability, he is capable of destroying all the rival deck along with the support of mega knight and battle healer and we already know the destructive power of the 2 especially battle healer.

I recommend not using Miner because it can cause the strategy to fail and even causing Miner to die first entering the Super Sauna this will cause us to have a bad advantage, so I don't recommend using Miner.

Elixir CollectorElixir Collector
Elixir Collector
Ice Wizard
Mega Knight
Battle Healer

There is not much to say, the image speaks for itself, we simply have to put the elixir pump in a corner and what is not a good amount of elixir and if this deck was already very strong now imagine with the participation of elixir pump which is protected by a great defensive line of mega knight and battle healer with the damage of monk and other minis.

Pocket ArtilleryPocket Artillery
Pocket Artillery
Ice Wizard
Mega Knight
Battle Healer

Probably the nightmare of archer queen and royal champion decks, if this deck was already very strong and totally deadly against those decks now imagine with the help of rocket which is good against any decks in this deck because ah He's so well protected and doing huge damage just helps a lot in this deck, not much to say just build up and play like any other game.

He also advised not to put the rocket in the back but to put it further forward so that the rocket fired reaches faster and destroys the rival's minis, unlike putting it behind where it takes a long time and this will give better help on the deck and In addition to that, it is not at risk of being destroyed due to the protection of the minis.

Monk MK healer
Mega Knight
Battle Healer
Ice Wizard

Created Mar 5, 2023 by YelkStudios


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconIce WizardMiner
    6Star (Max) + 9 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconLumberjack
    3Star (Max) + 12 remaining elixir
  • 4 Elixir iconMega KnightBattle Healer

About This Deck

The deck Monk MK healer was created by YelkStudios. This deck uses Monk as the hero with Ice Wizard, Miner, Lumberjack, Mega Knight, and Battle Healer as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 15, DPS at 8.2, and HP at 174.

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