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[Top 500] Wavemaster RG detailed

Wave Master

Created by Seesbude
Updated Jul 18, 2023


Detailed explanation of the best possible way to play Wavemaster RG with prince synergy



Quick guide:

1. Wavemaster + RG
2. RG 2 Star
3. Swordsman/Valk behind Wavemaster, 1 Star (if one round was lost, 2 Star)
4+5. RG and Swordsman/Valk 3 Star + place prince and Icewiz, if usefull

Quick Upgrade Guide:

RG: 3>1>2
Swordsman: 1>3>2
Valk: 3>2>1 or 1>2>3 depending on matchup
Ice Wiz: 1>2>3 or 3>2>1 or 3>1>2 depending on your needs
Prince: 1>3>2 as mentioned upgrading him even to 1 star almost useless

For the explanation Ill use Lane for the vertical row and row for the horicontally row, RG = Royal Ghost, ill explain it if Wavemaster is placed in the 2nd lane, if you want to play him in a other row for some reason (usefull tiles), just mirror everything

1. Start the game with Wavemaster in...
...1st row, if facing a ranged champ, so your team can get a little bit quicker to the backline...
...2nd row if facing a meelee champ...
...and always in 2nd or 4th lane
Now place RG 1 tile behind and 1 tile to the right.
If facing a strong early game champ, especially countess, its better to play nothing and get the free reroll as explained in "mentionable things". I often play nothing in the first round at all if i dont have RG in my first shop so I can get the free reroll. I do that because I dont need the win in the first round, but I would recommend a beginner not to risk that.

2. Just Uprade the RG with 3rd Ability and if possible also with 1st. Sometimes 2nd is also fine, but i usually do the 1st before. DONT
PLACE ANYTHING ELSE BEFORE, cause the rest needs more knowledge of the enemies Deck before getting played. If you are really unlucky or you dont want to lose the first games, you maybe can play an ice Wiz in one of the edges.

3. Now place Fisherman behind the Wavemaster and get the 1st (if one round was lost also 3rd) upgrade.
At many games Valkyrie is better than him behind the Wavemaster, for example when the enemie plays much:
- heal (countess, golden knight etc.) -> go 3rd ability first, then 2nd
- shield (knight, guard, especially Grand Warden etc.) -> go 1st ability first, then 2nd
- Royal ghost himself (she is a pretty good counter to him, if you place her right, because she hits the mini next to RG and hits him although he is invisible (a good placed fisherman can also counter an RG, because he just bursts him down)) -> i usually upgrade her 3rd and 2nd
- 2 Tanks in the frontline -> here we need fisherman in the frontline and not insecting and killing the backline, so we place valk behind wavemaster and Fisherman next to RG
At some games Valkyrie gives a huge value, but its better to place her on the other side of RG and still throw Swordsman, thats another reason why you dont play something else until you know more of the enemy deck.
If prince is really useful here, you also can play him in the 3rd round.

4+5. Upgrade the unit behind Wavemaster to max (if valkyrie, sometimes only to two stars instead of max, unless she gives huuuuge value).
In most games I place an Icewiz in one of the edges to support and upgrade to 1st or 2nd ability if i have elexir left. If his clash ability is necessarry, place him where needed and upgrade to 3rd Star.
Princes Synergie with RG works pretty good, because he gets the invisibility of RGs Clash ability if he ist placed 1 Tile behind one of the three "invisibilitygoing" tiles. You can use it to isolate enemie minis or knock back the frontline. If you are good with this deck you even can conter Giant Skeleton pretty good with prince. Prince doesnt need upgrades in this deck, but if the enemie places a carry like RG or Countess in the frontline, you could go for 1st upgrade to shut the carry down pretty quick. You can also use him to counter an enemies prince instead of Icewiz's 3rd.

Mentionable things:

- Important: Dont get confused by taking Swordsman AND Valk in the Deck, I often dont play one of the units at all, this really
depends on the matchup. This deck is so strong, that you only need Wavemaster, Fisherman/Valk and RG to work (prince and Icewiz
as support), so you basically play with 4 minis every game.
- Important: Swordsman throwed by Wavemaster is most of the times better than Valk, because he gets an Insta ult, but Valk can come in clutch in some Situations.
- Important (Proplay): You can refresh your shop at the end of the round without rerolling -> The minis in the shop stay the same after a round is finished, so empty it by buying everything and then sell what you dont need, so you can get a fresh new shop. This is pretty useful for the first rounds to get the RG upgrades quicker and saver.
- Important: Dont play anything at all against a Queen, look at counter guide
- In my linked video there are a few things to mention. In the first round I messed up my Wavemaster placement, I often play him 2nd row due to muscle memory, but luckily my enemy played his queen in a completely dumb position. I used an Icewiz here in the 2nd game with the intention, that his RG walks down to my icewiz and loses impotant time where he should deal damage, but i messed up the placement pretty hard :( As I said Valk into a RG is hardcounter but this is a perfect example, where she isnt. His RG was just way to seperated from the rest of the team, so her surrounding damage would need an insanely lucky placement to work here. So reminder: If the enemies wavemaster throws a RG, still use Swordsman behind your Wavemaster.
Messed many minor things up in the gameplay, but I hope you get the basic idea.
- It needs more skill and game knowledge to play this deck, as it seems. Dont get frustrated, if you lose some games; you will learn of every lost game
- The RG play directly behind also works, but is kinda risky, because his invisibility isnt consistent and swaps between the tile where
he is placed (and the tiles next to him) and the tile where wavemaster is placed (and the tiles next to him). Detailed explanation for
this in this discussion: (Look at
- Giant Skeleton is a hardcounter, I think about replacing icewiz with fisherman to hook him - could be a solution but i have to try
- Wavemaster is replaceable with Skeleton King (or even Barb King for the damage Buff on RG, but this needs some changes), this has a similar playstyle, but a completely different at the same time

Im currently in the Top 500 at about 2400 with this deck (ingame Name: Seesbude), if you dont know which clan to join, feel free to join "Schnenschen"

Magic Tiles


Heal 6 HP every 3s

Heal 6 HP every 3s

Many Tiles are useful for the deck, the formation must stay the same, but feel free to play around with them. Healing pad is my favourite to place RG, but its risky if it is in the 4th row. If its in the first row, place your Wavemaster there. If this is the case, you can ignore my words for placing him in the 2nd row.


Clone a Troop with 30% HP

Clone a Troop with 30% HP

Clone is also OP, especially when you get the cloned and low HP RG behind the Wavemaster, so he gets a shield and even heals up if he gets kills.

Launch Pad
Launch Pad

Launch a Troop across the board

Launch a Troop across the board

Also good if you want to throw Swordsman/Valk AND RG to the other side of the map. I dont want to tell something about the synergy with other effect Pads, because im not 100% sure. Im only sure, that transform is completely random and I hate this.


VS.Giant SkeletonGiant SkeletonTwo Swords
Wave Master
Royal Ghost

He is one of the counters. He is very hard to outplay, especially if upgraded. I put the Situation of minis, you have placed for sure, until the enemy places his Giant Skeleton (in Queen Decks its often the 3rd round). You could play prince on him and throw a valk at him and sacrifice her in trade her killing his giant skeleton. Then place a Swordsman At the Top left (or right corner, depends where the enemie placed his team) and upgrade him to max before RG, so he carries you without getting hit of the Giant skeletons Bomb.

VS.Archer QueenArcher QueenTwo Swords
Wave Master
Royal Ghost

Magic Archer with Queen is an insanely bad matchup, especially with Queen, because he deals so much damage due to his first upgrade, if some of your units gets near. You can try to throw a swordsman into him and pray for the insta kill.

This is the only time where I allow you to place RG behind the Wavemaster, because Valk and Swordsman die too quickly. So if you see a Queen, start by placing RG behind Wavemaster. Rush RG 3 Star and then do the same things as usual.

Many Queen players are dumb for some reason and dont play a unit in front of her to protect her. So if your enemy has 2 Wins and didnt place anything before her, you can send a prince on her to get out her invisibility, before your units even get visible.

In high elo, you often See Queen with Marcher and Giant Skeli in one deck. This is pretty much the only conter I know, but sadly this is really played often, because its Top Meta :(

[Top 500] Wavemaster RG detailed
Wave Master
Royal Ghost
Ice Wizard

Created Jul 18, 2023 by Seesbude


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconIce Wizard
    3Star (Max) + 14 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconSwordsmanValkyrie
  • 4 Elixir iconRoyal GhostPrince

About This Deck

The deck [Top 500] Wavemaster RG detailed was originally created on Jul 18, 2023 by Seesbude. This deck uses Wave Master as the hero with Royal Ghost, Swordsman, Valkyrie, Prince, and Ice Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 16, DPS at 8.5, and HP at 115.

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