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[Top 500] Clash mini is broken now

Grand Warden

Created by Seesbude
Updated Jul 19, 2023


Everybody currently plays this deck with no exeptions, fix it pls



IMPORTANT: You can place your Grand warden in one of the edges and place Valk and Minipekka next to the Grand Warden, but I personally dont for 2 reasons: 1. Your Kite with Guard is useless, because the enemies minis can focus Grand warden instead of Guard. 2. You dont win that much by placing your frontline 1 tile more up and Grand Warden 1 Tile to the back.
I used the word conter many times in this guide and just realized, its counter :(

Quick guide (A bit more detailed guide below the Quick upgrade guide):

1. Place Grand Warden, RG next to him.
2. Guard at the farthest away edge of Grand Warden, Upgrade RG as far as possible
3. Rush RG Max, maybe 2nd Upgrade on guard. Also step 4 here is possible
4. Situational: Facing Grand Warden - Valk + 1st upgrade; Facing much heal - Valk + 3rd Upgrade ; facing RG - Valk 2nd or 3rd upgrade; Facing Countess or dissipate is needed - Mini Pekka (Place next to RG, where Valk is placed) + 3rd upgrade;
5. Also Situational: Most of the time Valk 3 is the play, sometimes Guard 2 or 3 is the play, sometimes a prince is good behind the 3 invisibility tiles

Quick Upgrade guide:

RG: 3>1>2
Guard: 2>1>3, if your RG dies too quick 2>3>1
Valk: x>2>x (situational, can be changed)
Mini Pekka: 3>1>2 or 1>3>2
Prince: Avoid Upgrade, sometimes 1st upgrade isnt bad to shut down a carry

Guide with explanation:

1. Most of the games I start with Grand warden and RG placed as shown, nothing more to say here.
2. Always go for the 3rd Upgrade on RG. If you lost first round: Get RGs 1st upgrade and place Guard in one of the edges to kite. If you won first round: You can get the 1st Upgrade on RG, but you also can play Guard + 2nd Upgrade if you need the kite. Kite means, that the enemies walk straight into your combo, because your frontline is invisible. and the enemies minis walk to your guard. Thats why you place him at the opposite edge, where your enemy placed most of his units.
3. Max RG and Upgrade Guard to 2nd ability or adapt to the enemies team as explained in step 4 in the Quick guide. I would advice you to save prince to conter an enemies prince/to tank other clash abilities. Also at most of the games the best play for prince (if you dont need to conter clash) comes in the round, when your enemy is 1 win away to win the game.
4. Again adapt like explained in step 4 in the quick guide
5. Max out your units, I personally like to upgrade Valk if its next to RG Max, if its Minipekka I go for 1st and 3rd upgrade or sometimes only 1st if dissipation is useless. Most of the games I play prince here, dont upgrade him unless you really need his additional damage. Remember, that you only can play him behind one of the three invisivility tiles, so he also gets the invisibility. I rarely level guard much, but if your RG dies too quick, you can go for 3 Star Upgrade or 2+1 or 2+3

Mentionable things:

- You can replace Valk with fisherman, but Fisherman is more a carry; you dont need 2 carrys (RG and Fisherman), so Valk is just better, because she has sooo much conterplay
- If you play with fisherman, its better to play Grand Warden in the backline and Fisherman, Mini Pekka, RG in the frontline
- play around with this deck, you get used to it pretty quick and learn many things
- I played many games while creating this guide and with time, everybody plays the exact same deck, Clash mini is broken rn, fix this

Magic Tiles

Devil's Deal
Devil's Deal

+10 ATK but -80% HP

+10 ATK but -80% HP

This is insane for Grand Warden due to his range and attackspeed. This could be the reason why i face him in 9/10 games today. I even play him on this tile, if it is in the first row, but thats kinda risky.


+7 Energy

+7 Energy

Just want to point out, that Grand warden has no energy and this tile is useless, so play something different at this day.
At all Grand warden can use many tiles pretty good, always use them.


VS.Magic ArcherMagic ArcherTwo Swords
Grand Warden
Mini P.E.K.K.A
Skeleton Guard
Royal Ghost

Marcher is pretty risky for this deck due to his insane damage if enemies get close and he hits his 3 arrows at once. So in other words, he can shut down your RG, Valk and Mini pekka pretty Quick

VS.CountessCountessTwo Swords
Grand Warden
Mini P.E.K.K.A
Skeleton Guard
Royal Ghost

I just want to point out, that its the best to use mini pekka on dissipate here.

[Top 500] Clash mini is broken now
Mini P.E.K.K.A
Grand Warden
Royal Ghost
Skeleton Guard

Created Jul 19, 2023 by Seesbude


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconSkeleton Guard
    3Star (Max) + 14 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconValkyrieMini P.E.K.K.A
  • 4 Elixir iconPrinceRoyal Ghost

About This Deck

The deck [Top 500] Clash mini is broken now was created by Seesbude. This deck uses Grand Warden as the hero with Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Skeleton Guard, and Royal Ghost as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 16, DPS at 11.1, and HP at 145.

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