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Grand Warden

Grand Warden

Heroes crown iconRanged: 5

A Clash Hero with the power to shield allies and increase their attack speed. Specializes in supporting Minis at the start of the round and dealing more damage as they lose their shields.



Protect Clash

Clash: +6 Shield to 3 nearest allies
Max 10 Shield, 4 allies

  • +2 Shield

    Lvl 1
  • +1 target

    Lvl 6
  • +2 Shield

    Lvl 11

Guard Attack

Deal 2 DMG to adjacent enemies if allies lose Shield
Max 6 DMG, +1 ATK

  • +1 DMG

    Lvl 2
  • +1 DMG

    Lvl 7
  • Grand Warden +1 ATK for 6s (stackable)

    Lvl 12

Brave Attack

Shielded allies +5% Hit Speed
Max +20% Hit Speed

  • +5% Hit Speed

    Lvl 3
  • +5% Hit Speed

    Lvl 8
  • +5% Hit Speed

    Lvl 13


  • HP iconHP 10
  • Damage per Second iconDPS 0.6
  • Attack iconAttack 1
  • Hit Speed iconHit Speed 0.6
  • Energy Cost iconEnergy Cost 0

Grand Warden Counters

Grand Warden's main purpose is to buff its team. So rather than specifically countering him, you need to counter the Minis he buffs. Having units that deal more damage to shields or slow opponents will be very effective.

To take out Grand Warden himself, ranged troops that can reach the backline will be great for dealing damage earlier in the round. This is important because he deals extra damage to adjacent enemies when his allies lose their shields. So, melee units will take damage a lot harder than ranged.

Best to Use Against Grand Warden