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Can't Move? :D

Royal Champion

Created by PigInTheGaff
Updated Aug 1, 2023


CC until GG




This deck was originally designed to counter the annoying Royal Ghost - Warden deck dominating the upper trophies right now. But upon 200+ games played with this deck I have come to the conclusion that this deck is strong against almost all the top decks in the game currently. The guides below are general guides that have worked for most games for me against the standard variations of meta decks but in some situations other options may be preferable (I WILL INCLUDE A LIST IN THE COUNTERS SECTION OF THIS GUIDE FOR VARIATIONS YOU SHOULD LOOK TO PLAY IN SPECIFIC SITUATIONS)

Please also note that these placements can be slightly adjusted to make the most of magic tiles.

I will be frequently updating this guide to provide info for as many matchups as possible. <3

Send me any questions you have about the deck on Discord "piginthegaff"


TL;DR for most matchups:

Royal Champion is your win condition

Round 1 - Royal Champ bottom left

Against stun heavy comps play a max Golden Giant (1⭐>2⭐>3⭐)
Against fast attack speed comps/Royal Ghost play a max Mega Knight (3⭐>1⭐>2⭐)

Bowler is the only situational unit in the deck all other units should be placed at some point

Electro Wizard should be used to buy your Royal Champ as much time as possible and enable as many abilities as possible (3⭐).
Ice Wizard is used to make sure your Electro Wizard can do this and to assist by slowing (1⭐/2⭐)

A strong backline is useless without a solid frontline

Bowler is used to tank Prince/Spear Goblin and/or to stun (2⭐) their win conditions if necessary


Skeleton King

Round 1 - Royal Champion in the bottom left corner [You will always lose round 1 against SK]

Round 2 - Golden Giant up 2 tiles from the Royal Champion and Mega Knight next to the Golden Giant. Upgrade MK to 3⭐>1⭐

Round 3 - [R2 WIN] Upgrade MK to ⭐⭐⭐ and place Ice Wizard 2 tiles to the right of the Royal Champion
[R2 LOSS] Place Electro Wizard next to Royal Champion and place Ice Wizard next to Electro Wizard. Upgrade Ice Wizard to

Round 4 - [R3 WIN] Place Electro Wizard next to Royal Champion or upgrade 3⭐ if already placed. Upgrade Ice Wizard to 1⭐ (if
already done) upgrade to 2⭐
[R3 LOSS] Place Electro Wizard next to Royal Champion and upgrade to 3⭐

Round 5 - At this point the upgrades are dependent on the exact deck they are playing but the general rule is if Golden Giant is dying
too fast then upgrade Golden Giant (Best Order = 1⭐>2⭐>3⭐) if they have a lot of low HP units then upgrade Electro
Wizard to 3⭐ to allow your Royal Champion to kill them quicker. If their units are clumped together then get Ice Wizard
2⭐. Bowler is good if there are a lot of units in a row that can be struck at once or if they are running something such as a
Electro Wizard or Ice Wizard which you can stun for a bit longer (2⭐) so you get the first stun off.




VS.Royal GhostRoyal GhostTwo Swords
Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard is your best friend against Royal Ghost. Specifically his 1⭐ and 3⭐.

- His 1⭐ will slow the RG to the point where it cant maintain its perma-invisibility allowing your other units a chance to CC and burst it down.

- His 2⭐ is incredibly situational but is very strong in the given situation. When a unit is placed in front of the RG the slow will be able to hit the RG before it even loses its first instance of invisibility which means that you will be able to kill it before it even gets a chance to whittle down your team.

- His 3⭐ is perfect if your Electro Wizard loves running straight into the invisible RG and getting burst down before even getting off a stun then Ice Wizard 3⭐ will help prevent this by stopping the Electro Wizard from running as soon as the round starts. Please note that the Electro Wizard will not receive the mana bonus from his 3⭐ upgrade if he is hit by the Ice Wizards 3⭐ so sometimes it is better to let the 2 elixir at the end go rather than upgrading the Ice Wizard.

VS.MinerMinerTwo Swords
Royal Champion
Electro Wizard
Ice Wizard

Against the Miner the opponent will often place it so that it comes up behind the Royal Champion. It should be noted that the in this situation the miner will always target the Electro Wizard over the Royal Champion. So should they upgrade the Miner with dissipate you can upgrade the Ice Wizard 3⭐ to make the Electro Wizard immune to the damage and buy time for your Royal Champion to re-target the Miner. If the opponents front line is too tanky for the Royal Champion to kill and re-target you should opt for the Ice Wizards 1⭐ alongside the 3⭐. This will allow the Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard to immediately target the Miner when they are out of the Ice Wizards 3⭐ and the slow will make the Miner do less damage to your Electro Wizard so it will be able to survive that extra bit longer which can make all the difference.

VS.PrincePrinceTwo Swords
Ice Wizard

If the Prince is on the Ice Wizard then you can always 3⭐ the Ice Wizard but in some situations the 3⭐ can be disadvantageous and in these situations you should just opt for a Bowler to tank the hit. Your Royal Champion will make quick work of a Prince stuck in your backline.

VS.Spear GoblinSpear GoblinTwo Swords
Ice Wizard

If the Spear Goblin is on the Ice Wizard then you can always 3⭐ the Ice Wizard but in some situations the 3⭐ can be disadvantageous and in these situations you should just opt for a Bowler to tank the hit.

Can't Move? :D
Golden Giant
Mega Knight
Royal Champion
Electro Wizard
Ice Wizard

Created Jul 28, 2023 by PigInTheGaff


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconIce Wizard
    3Star (Max) + 14 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconGolden GiantBowler
  • 4 Elixir iconElectro WizardMega Knight

About This Deck

The deck Can't Move? :D was originally created on Jul 28, 2023 by PigInTheGaff. This deck uses Royal Champion as the hero with Electro Wizard, Ice Wizard, Mega Knight, Golden Giant, and Bowler as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 16, DPS at 9.2, and HP at 167.

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