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Royal Champion

Royal Champion

Heroes crown icon
Ranged: 5

A shield-throwing Hero with the potential to take out an entire team alone. Specializes in stunning or finishing off a group of opponents. Works best later in the round when the opposing team's health is low.



Passive Super

Super: Throw a shield at an opponent for 12 damage, stunning it for 0.5s. The shield bounces to as many as two more opponents within 3 tiles of each hit.

Promotion 1

Promotion 1 Super

Super can bounce up to 3 opponents, stunning each for 3s

Promotion 2

Promotion 2 Attack

Boast: Gain full energy and +3 Super damage (stacking, max +16 damage)

Promotion 3

Promotion 3 Attack

Boast: Gain +1 attack damage (stacking, max +10 attack damage)


HP iconHP3547
Damage per Second iconDPS3.64.5
Attack Damage iconATK DMG33
Attack Speed iconATK SPD1.21.5
Energy iconENERGY1/61/6




Royal Champion Counters

Royal Champion can take out an entire team if your health is low. The best way to play against her is by keeping your team healed or focusing on her at the beginning of the round. It's smart to set up tanks with high amounts of health that can end her Smart Bounce. It can also help to send units to attack from the back or to drain her Energy.

Best to Use Against Royal Champion

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