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SK Ghost PEKKA 3-0

Skeleton King

Created by Arch
Updated Oct 10, 2023


A deck that can win 3-0 with the use of SK and max PEKKA only.



SK - to delay skills for the PEKKA to rampage, recommended to place in the second row of the front to give space for the FM.

PEKKA - the main damage, priority to upgrade in the first 2 rounds.

RG - to give time for the PEKKA to take a few strikes, to force the enemy range to move forward. The upgrade is optional.

FM - main control for those stopping the RG’s clash, upgrade is optional.

Miner - to delay skills of ranged units and to flank the enemy backline during the PEKKA invincibility, best to use in 3rd round+.

Wizard - to reduce healing and control witch’s super, to use as bait for the enemy ranged units move in the middle of the board during the PEKKA invincibility.


1ST Round
- put the SK and the PEKKA in the center of the 1st-2nd row of the frontline, they should be one tile apart for the RG in later round.

- if the first round is unsure due to the enemy hero, don’t place any mini and intentionally lose the round to gain 9 elixir.

2nd Round
- max the Pekka.

3rd Round and Up
- place the RG between the SK and PEKKA, then place the wizard in the opposite, farthest part of the board to the enemy positions, this will force the enemy position to advance due to out of range, add the Miner if needed to flank the enemy backline.

- use FM if needed to disrupt the enemy’s clash.

SK Ghost PEKKA 3-0
Royal Ghost
Skeleton King

Created Sep 14, 2023 by Arch


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconMinerWizard
    6Star (Max) + 9 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconFisherman
    3Star (Max) + 12 remaining elixir
  • 4 Elixir iconP.E.K.K.ARoyal Ghost

About This Deck

The deck SK Ghost PEKKA 3-0 was originally created on Sep 14, 2023 by Arch. This deck uses Skeleton King as the hero with P.E.K.K.A, Royal Ghost, Fisherman, Miner, and Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 15, DPS at 11.4, and HP at 140.

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