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Clash mini but yer a wizard harry

Grand Warden

Created by ballmeet
Updated Oct 14, 2023





remember to adjust accordingly in different situations but generally keep all units close to grand warden and ice wiz cause they give shield and leave the normal wizard and the witch in the back as the witch carries with the only melee and wizard has like two health so we neeed ice wiz to counter clash abilities like spear since he can take with the shield and so can the warden obvs

now if they use a miner and a knight then just position troops to not get hit with the taunt cause YOU NEED TO GET RID OF THE MINER ASAP but esides that upgrade the witch for more skeletons nd te ice and normal wizards for area attaks and magic archer to three arrows and maybe put him more u front cause then all three can hit the sincular goblin that thought it could exist untill it had three arrows up its a-

anyway so the only real problem is that the witch kind of hands the win to countess and pink fury or royal champ users as the skeletons count as kills so the royal champ instantly refreshes attack and the countess gets the attack speed stacks from kills and the pink fury gets two elexir from kills which not only make it slightly more powerful mid round but also mean the opponent has 400 elixir to spend and the excess is buffing pink fury so nothing goes to waste.

so i they have any of those three then NO WITCH JUST USE SOMETHING ELSE

However this deck is actually overpowered and almost always wins against monk users as the monk ability targets a single enemy and does 100 damage and literally nothing else which is completely and utterly countered by the skeletons as even in lvl 1 the witch spawns them faster than the monk. however that being said just make sure your witch doesnt get silenced as that can end things real quick. also magic archer is replaceable with healing ranger but after some thought I decided to put magic archer cause its funnier.

Magic Tiles


Gain Invisible for 6s

Gain Invisible for 6s

put the witch on here but if you cant then put either electro cause the sun is super important or normal wiz cause ice and warden can tank but dont use the tile early

Clash mini but yer a wizard harry
Magic Archer
Ice Wizard
Grand Warden
Electro Wizard

Created Oct 14, 2023 by ballmeet


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconIce Wizard
    3Star (Max) + 14 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconWitchWizard
  • 4 Elixir iconMagic ArcherElectro Wizard

About This Deck

The deck Clash mini but yer a wizard harry was created by ballmeet. This deck uses Grand Warden as the hero with Magic Archer, Witch, Ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, and Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 16, DPS at 8.5, and HP at 111.

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