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Scaling Stalling SM (Top 200)

Shield Maiden

Created by SampleExample
Updated Nov 27, 2023




This deck is solid for clone and regen tiles. Got me to top 100 on a ten win streak. On clone tiles, maybe use Magic Archer to have a better backline clone target.

Shield Maiden: Queen of straight up brawls. Avoid the front row unless clone is the tile-- if they use Prince on her you need to be able to block it. Most of your other minis go in the back row to maximize the chance of SM focus by your opponent. If you do go front row, be sure that the only available targets to focus after a prince are invis star goblin or musketeer.

Goblin: This is your bread and butter if you're up against a champion that you can focus. Get +1 attack and invis first round then kill two units? You just won the game, basically. Very weird play against Skeleton King. You'll lose hard and then get a +14 Goblin by the end. Generally a bad play in SM mirrors. Note: When searching for Goblins, it is very important that you understand the mechanics of the deck. Your hand only refills when you refresh or remove cards. So, when you are done with refreshing shop, place then sell every mini you do not want, THEN play your last mini. That way, you get a "free" refresh and can max specific units faster.

Musketeer: This is your bread and butter if you're up against a champion you can't focus. Slowly push enemy Shield Maidens to the edge, that way your Wizard or aoe Ice Wizard hits their backline. Get quick energy charge if things are urgent, get double shot to hit two melee units or around SM, and generally get the stun last. But do get the stun eventually. In the SM mirror you can get quick charge last... unless they also have a Musketeer.

Healing Ranger: Try not to play 3 tiles away (horizontal) from Healing Ranger, as you can get some awkwardly angled heals that miss most of your troops. Post nerf it is less something to max, but if your goblin is doing okay it is your second or third priority because of the Invis/Heal synergy. Also max if they have stuns like Ewiz or Mega Knight. Very strong against low dps setups.

Wizard: Use it when the aoe is good (multiple melee units, musketeer with quick energy charge, full board). Max order is highly board dependent. Never a bad play. If Musketeer is good, this is your second priority. This can also be a generalist unit if you're worried you don't have enough dps to kill Pink Fury round 1 or 2.

Ice Wizard: Max aoe when it would hit. Get 8 armor to further support Goblin. Get -1 attack whenever you have 2 spare elixir lying around with nothing better. You can use this against Pink Fury or Monk and not worry about charging the special extra fast. Because of the slow. Generalist, and almost always played. Sometimes tiles will keep you from doing a line of 3. That's fine, just upgrade 1 and 2. Often second priority after Goblin if there's nothing worrying on your opponent's setup.

Scaling Stalling SM (Top 200)
Shield Maiden
Healing Ranger
Ice Wizard
Dagger Goblin

Created Nov 16, 2023 by SampleExample


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconDagger GoblinIce WizardWizard
    9Star (Max) + 6 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconHealing RangerMusketeer
    6Star (Max) + 6 remaining elixir

About This Deck

The deck Scaling Stalling SM (Top 200) was originally created on Nov 16, 2023 by SampleExample. This deck uses Shield Maiden as the hero with Healing Ranger, Musketeer, Dagger Goblin, Ice Wizard, and Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 12, DPS at 4.9, and HP at 142.

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