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Shield Maiden

Shield Maiden

Heroes crown iconMelee

A damage-sponge Hero with the power to reflect damage back at the attacker. Specializes in being the tank of a team and drawing enemies away from allies.


Magic Shield

Magic Shield Super

Super: Gain Block and reflect 100% damage back to attackers for 3s
Max 5s duration, taunt area

  • +1s duration

    Lvl 1
  • Taunt enemies in an area when cast

    Lvl 6
  • +1s duration

    Lvl 11
Halo Descent

Halo Descent Clash

Clash: Reduce the damage of enemy troops in her halo area for 3s
Max 6s duration, increased area

  • +1.5s duration

    Lvl 2
  • +1.5s duration

    Lvl 7
  • Affect bigger area

    Lvl 12

Inspiration Attack

+1 Energy for each successful heal received
Max 4 Energy on heal or stunned

  • +1 Energy when being stunned

    Lvl 3
  • +1 Energy for each successful heal received or being stunned

    Lvl 8
  • +1 Energy for each successful heal received or being stunned

    Lvl 13


  • HP iconHP 16
  • Damage per Second iconDamage per Second 0.35
  • Damage per Hit iconDamage per Hit 1
  • Hit per Second iconHit per Second 0.35
  • Energy Cost iconEnergy Cost 11

Shield Maiden Counters

Shield Maiden is almost always positioned front and center as the main tank. Using other tanks with the ability to heal can be a great way to keep her occupied while taking out her supporting Minis. It's also important to try and outlast Shield Maiden compared to dealing a rapid amount of damage. Her Magic Shield can easily take out your team if their attack speed is increased.

Units with the chance to deal a high amount of damage from a single hit or can attack through her shield will be a strong matchup against her. And because of her third ability, Inspiration, you'll want to keep your team from stunning her and take out healers as fast as possible.

Best to Use Against Shield Maiden