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RC 1.0 ≦ 2550 trophies

Royal Champion

Created by cdux
Updated Jan 2, 2024


6 win streak that got me into Ultra Legend III - INDEPTH TUTORIAL (work in progress)


Avg CostElixir icon3.4
Avg DPSSword icon2.23
Avg HPHeart icon22.67
Royal Champion
Dart Goblin
Hog Rider


Guide created 1 January 2024

I struggled in Ultra Legend IV to get above 2550 trophies, and then used this deck to get 6 straight wins and move up to Ultra Legend III. Deck has struggled a bit in Ultra Legend III.

Horizontal/rows = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Vertical/columns = A, B, C, D

A1, A2, A3, A4, A5
B1, B2, B3, B4, B5
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5

Main win condition of the deck is the Villager boost the RC speed and attack, RC stuns multiple enemies and the dart goblin gets increased speed from boast ability.

Pekka tanks/protects against enemy Prince.

Hog Rider to stun multiple enemy and usually uses heal ability too.

Prince to push back enemy tanks OR big hero damage round 4/5.

Generally I lose round 1 and 2, and then take the next 3 wins. Aim is to get Villager + Upgrade 1 in either D1 or D5 and then the Dart Goblin + Upgrade 1 and 2 (and sometimes 3) in the other D1/D5. Prince/Pekka/Hog Rider placement are dependent on where the enemy places their troops.

Round 1
I usually don't reroll R1 picks. Priority what I'm looking for as below. If none of the below, I'll take the loss and try for a better Round 2.
- RC Promotion 1
- Villager + Upgrade 1
- Villager + Dart Goblin
- Dart Goblin + Upgrade 1

Round 2
As above, I'm looking for the RC promotion 1 so I might reroll once or twice, however, if I see Dart Goblin/Villager upgrades, I'll grab them and hunt for the RC ability next round
- RC Promotion 1
- Villager + Upgrade 1
- Villager + Dart Goblin
- Dart Goblin + Upgrade 1 + Upgrade 2

Round 3/4/5
Will use all rerolls if necessary to get RC Promotion 1 this round. Pick and choose upgrades that suit but make sure to save 4 Elixer for the last reroll if you don't already have RC Promotion 1.

These round really depend on what the enemy is doing with their troops.

- If there's a tank up front like Giant/Bowler/Giant Skeleton/Golden Giant/Mega Knight/Mini Pekka I'll usually put Prince in front of it.
- If they have a Pekka up front I'll put my Pekka in front of it - Prince ability doesn't work when their Pekka has Upgrade 2 Unstoppable. I'll also put Pekka in A3 if I don't have an obvious Hog/Prince placement.
- Hog, Ideally you want to hit at least two decent targets with Upgrade 1 to stun. As much as possible I try to save this until the enemy has moved their Hero. If he's jumping to the enemy back row I'll usually try for upgrade 3 as well.
- If there's no tank for the Prince and it's round 4 or 5, I'll either use him to do big damage on a good enemy (preferably the Hero). Either upgrade 1 or 2 or both, depending how much elixer I have left. Upgrade 3 as priority if I'm up against Monk.

Prince and Pekka can also be used in A1/A5 if your Villager/Dart Goblin are being targeted by Spear Goblin Upgrade 1

Hope this deck helps anyone below the 2550 mark. I've swapped out the Dart Goblin for something else when I've need to complete a particular challenge/mini pass and it's worked ok. Not completely convinced that Pekka is the best tank option. Seemed to work better the Mega Knight (too slow and dies before doing much damage), Giant Goblin and Giant Skeleton didn't keep troops away long enough for my liking, Mini Pekka is ok as it's cheaper and can elixer steal but still prefer Pekka. I think Giant would be a good replacement, especially with its passive ability as most games go to Round 5, but I haven't unlocked him yet.

Will try to update Tiles and Counters soon.

RC 1.0 ≦ 2550 trophies
Hog Rider
Dart Goblin
Royal Champion

Created Jan 1, 2024 by cdux


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 3 Elixir iconDart GoblinVillagerHog Rider
  • 4 Elixir iconP.E.K.K.APrince

About This Deck

The deck RC 1.0 ≦ 2550 trophies was originally created on Jan 1, 2024 by cdux. This deck uses Royal Champion as the hero with P.E.K.K.A, Dart Goblin, Prince, Villager, and Hog Rider as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 17, DPS at 13.4, and HP at 136.

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