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Wave-wizard princess

Wave Master

Created by Tank3gine
Updated Jan 10, 2024


Blow up the board with instant energy



-Try to get lumberjack and defuser out on round one. This lets you start scaling your elixir ASAP.

-if you find tidemaster upgrade early, go upgrade #2 for fast wins with lumberjack clash.

-swordmaster can carry or misdirect, if they go all-in on killing it don't worry - the ocean buff is the most important thing here.

- players rarely expect the electro wizard + princess combo round 4, letting you steal games

Ideal game plan:
1. Start with lumberjack and defuser.
2. Fully upgrade defuser by round 3. If you have 1 hp it's usually fine as long as you get defuser and have some rerolls.
3. Make sure to buy swordsman at least once to activate the ocean energy buff
3. When you feel threatened by their comp, sell defuser and cycle until you find electro wizard and princess
-try to get electro wizard upgrade 3 (8 elixer total)
-always get princess upgrade 1 (10 elixer total).
- place them in adjacent squares, and hit the swordsman too if you think it will help.
4. Upgrade princess or electro wizard as appropriate:
-e wizard +2 stun targets is good to make sure princess super hits, and is good in general. Same is true for upgrade 2.
-princess upgrade 2 is good against heal comps.
-princess upgrade 3 is good for more damage and clutching rounds - you will often get two supers or more out of princess

This deck can win early and late, and often looks like it is hard losing early - this makes players underestimate your burst. Princess gets a fully charged super after one attack with the +2 energy from ocean buff, and with energy from electro wizard.

If you need to really throw a wildcard against backline comps, you can use wave master's upgrade 3 to send swordmaster to the enemy's backline and deal devastating damage.

Deck is strong against:
-most decks (if played correctly)

Deck is weak against:
-units that spread the board or go invisible.
-units that steal energy
-shield/block units (sometimes)
-units that can stun (especially hogrider)
-potentially against rare SP units, but there has been little testing against them

Magic Tiles


+7 Energy

+7 Energy

Obviously insane for princess and/or electro wizard. And odd downside is that other decks can actually scale just as fast as you which makes yours seem less impressive.


VS.MinerMinerTwo Swords

Miner is tricky because your wavemaster may aggro to the miner in your own backline, leaving your other troops exposed. Since the deck has no dedicated tank and relies on stunning the endmy team, miner can sometimes ruin this gameplan.

Miner can also be a target for princess super, which isn't great since they are usually isolated from their team

VS.BanditBanditTwo Swords

This deck struggles against bandit's energy steal. Princess usually can use one super right at the start, but will probably die to bandit before she can use another. Bandit can also be a target for princess super, which isn't great since bandit is usually isolated from their team or dashes away from the princess super aoe.

Prioritize upgrading e-wizard stun duration and upgrade 2 for wavemaster.

VS.FishermanFishermanTwo Swords

A good player will wait until the very end to counter you with fisherman. If they play fisherman too early (usually targeting swordsman, lumberjack, or tidemaster) you can usually still do the e-wizard princess combo. Fisherman actually causes all of the enemy troops to stay still while they hit your pulled units, which is great for prices super.

VS.Hog RiderHog RiderTwo Swords

Similar to fisherman, it all depends on if you can bait the early hogrider. You can usually recover as long as your process and electro wizard don't get stunned.

Prioritize swordmaster upgrade 1 and electro wizard stun duration and target count. E-wizard stunss the event units at the same time as hogrider stuns yours, effectively nullifying hogrider. Swordmaster usually recovers in time, with enough hp and energy to burst hogrider.

Wave-wizard princess
Wave Master
Electro Wizard

Created Jan 10, 2024 by Tank3gine


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 2 Elixir iconDefuser
    3Star (Max) + 13 remaining elixir
  • 3 Elixir iconSwordsmanLumberjack
  • 4 Elixir iconElectro Wizard
    3Star (Max) + 7 remaining elixir
  • 5 Elixir iconPrincess

About This Deck

The deck Wave-wizard princess was created by Tank3gine. This deck uses Wave Master as the hero with Defuser, Princess, Swordsman, Electro Wizard, and Lumberjack as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 17, DPS at 11.1, and HP at 153.

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