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Wavemaster Splash

Wave Master

Created by Dastardly
Updated Feb 27, 2024


Spam supers and stun and cross your fingers


Avg CostElixir icon3
Avg DPSSword icon1.38
Avg HPHeart icon25.5
Wave Master


Hi guys, I'm back with another untested deck idea. Sorry that I can't test this one for you, I haven't been able to unlock Sailor yet.


Wavemaster: Disruption
In this deck, Wavemaster is not going to be the DPS focus, but rather be a nuisance focusing on PURE STUN for the opponents' minis which will hopefully allow sailor and swordsman to stack up damage with the assistance of wizard.

Hog Rider: Disruption
As usual, Hog Rider is going to pause backline minis for a short duration at the start of each round. This might not leave Hog Rider in the best spot when they're not stunned anymore, but it does create a starting distraction to set up the rest of the team whilst stopping them from being overrun by damage immediately.

Fisherman: Disruption
Seeing as though Fisherman's upgrades only add to the clash ability, not upgrading Fisherman at all isn't a bad thing. Ideally, it'll pull something annoying but squishy straight into a Wizard fireball and/or a Swordsman combo.

Swordsman: DPS / Tank
In case you were wondering what the tank would be in case Wavemaster ran out of steam, Swordsman will be the go-to because it won't go down without a fight first. Make sure you give it its first star upgrade so that Swordsman can do some damage to the opponent though.

Wizard: DPS
Wizard only needs its first star upgrade to be enough of a danger to the opponent because the Sea Synergy will constantly supply its super. If you decide to use the Fisherman Wizard combo then you'll want Wizard to start in one of the back corners, preferably the one closer to Fisherman.

Sailor: DPS
Seeing as though Sailor can stack up a lot of damage if it's given enough time to do so, I figured why not make it the centerpiece of the deck as the main DPS? Give it some space in the back corner opposite the Wizard and max it out, then just watch as it stacks up damage.


SAILOR CARRY ( 34 / 36 Elixir )
This strategy is to highlight Sailor and its absurd damage given enough time. The idea is to max out Sailor and stun the opponents to stop them from killing Sailor before Sailor kills them.

Wavemaster: any promo ( 4 Elixir )
Sailor: Star 1, Star 2, Star 3 ( 12 Elixir )
Wizard: Star 1 ( 6 Elixir )
Fisherman: no stars ( 3 Elixir )
Swordsman: Star 1 ( 6 Elixir )
Hog Rider: no stars ( 3 Elixir )

SWORDSMAN SWEEP ( 34 / 36 Elixir )
This would only be better than the Sailor strategy in a few circumstances where the Sailor is severely targeted by the opponent and cannot get any damage output. For a melee opponent use promotion 2 on Wavemaster, and against a ranged opponent use promotion 3.

Wavemaster: promo 2 or 3 ( 4 Elixir )
Sailor: no stars ( 3 Elixir )
Wizard: Star 1 ( 6 Elixir )
Fisherman: Star 3 ( 6 Elixir )
Swordsman: Star 1, Star 2, Star 3 ( 12 Elixir )
Hog Rider: no stars ( 3 Elixir )

BALANCED DPS ( 34 / 36 Elixir )
Not gonna lie, I'm not sure this one is the most practical strategy to play using this deck. If you feel unsafe putting all of your Elixir into either Swordsman or Sailor, then this deck allows you to get a fair bit out of both of them. If it makes you feel more comfortable, then you can give Swordsman star 3 rather than star 2, but it isn't as efficient because the Sea Synergy will constantly supply energy for you.

Wavemaster: promo 1 or 2 ( 4 Elixir )
Sailor: Star 1, Star 2 ( 9 Elixir )
Wizard: Star 1 ( 6 Elixir )
Fisherman: no stars ( 3 Elixir )
Swordsman: Star 1, Star 2 ( 9 Elixir )
Hog Rider: no stars ( 3 Elixir )


1. Fisherman can be used to bait out a hero or mini bait so that you can hit it with a Hog Rider next round. Do Not use Hog Rider to bait out a movement then use Fisherman, because Hog Rider will stun the opponents and splash onto nearby minis, whereas Fisherman isn't as good.
2. On Round 3 you need all of your Sea minis and Wizard to be down so that the strategy can be played. If they try to counter it with a Prince or Dark Prince then it might be better to use Hog Rider as a human shield.
3. Even if they play a deck with healing minis, don't upgrade Wizard's fireball to have anti-heal because your elixir needs to be spent on DPS whilst abilities such as Wavemaster's dash should be entrusted to pause enemy supers.
4. If the opponent is playing a ranged deck, then you can't spread out the upgrades between minis as the ranged minis on the other side will sweep you with their synergies.


VS.FishermanFishermanTwo Swords

In case you were wondering how the Fisherman Wizard setup would look, here's the ideal setup for it. It doesn't matter where Fisherman is, just make sure Wizard is in the back corner closest to Fisherman and that Sailor is on the opposite corner to Wizard.

VS.Hog RiderHog RiderTwo Swords
Hog Rider

When placing Hog Rider, the best thing to do is hold off until you can confirm that it won't be stopped by an opponent's Prince or Dark Prince. This can be done by baiting them into countering Fisherman, or by waiting for them to place their 5 minis before placing Hog Rider. If it comes down to it though, it's more important to have Hog Rider placed down than to make sure it won't be countered, as Hog Rider helps out with two synergies in this deck.

VS.MinerMinerTwo Swords

You need to do this just in case they're playing a sneaky Miner to steal the energy from your backline and stop them from doing their thing. As long as they're on opposite sides at the back, they'll pose a great threat to the opponent and if they do pull out a Miner on one of them, the other should be able to swiftly take out their Miner and continue terrorising the opponent shortly after.

VS.PrincePrinceTwo Swords

Assuming the opponent has a Prince, you will probably benefit by placing Swordsman in the same lane as either Sailor or Wizard but prioritize protecting Sailor. If they have a Prince and Miner and their Miner isn't placed in the back row, then the Fisherman is better because its hook will pull out the Miner and also take the Prince's charge.

Wavemaster Splash
Wave Master

Created Feb 27, 2024 by Dastardly


Advanced Deck Stats

Elixir Distribution

Deck Cost


Remaining Elixir


Upgrade Possibilities (Max per Minis by cost)

  • 3 Elixir iconFishermanSailorSwordsmanHog RiderWizard

About This Deck

The deck Wavemaster Splash was originally created on Feb 27, 2024 by Dastardly. This deck uses Wave Master as the hero with Fisherman, Sailor, Swordsman, Hog Rider, and Wizard as the supporting units. This puts the total deck cost at 15, DPS at 8.3, and HP at 153.

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