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Best Grand Warden Decks

Grand Warden is one of the unique heroes with a Clash ability. This shield ability, along with granting increased attack speed, makes his team the strongest early in the rounds. This allows you to get a head-up each time with many different strategies.

Having Minis that greatly benefit from a shield and faster attack speed will be the best way to utilize Grand Warden. These can be Minis with stackable attack speed or Minis with low health but a powerful Super, like Swordsman or Bandit. By shielding them at the start of the battle, they can gain enough Energy to start a chain of Super attacks.

One thing to note, however, is that Healers are not as useful with shielded troops. This is because Healers restore health points, not Shield. So until the allies lose their shield, healing will be unnecessary. In this case, other Minis that can grant Shield like Skeleton Guard will be a better way to sustain the deck.

Best Minis to Use With Grand Warden

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