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Hot Pot

Hot Pot

SilverUnlocks at Silver

Boils in 7s, summoning a Potter mini. [Potter: 10 ATK, -2 each attack (minimum 2), 18 HP.]

HP iconHP
Star iconStars Req

How to Use Hot Pot

The Hot Pot's Potter mini is devastating to your opponents. Use it to counter burst builds, or any time a single powerful mini or hero is used as the core of a strategy against you. The Potter mini comes out rather quickly, meaning you typically don't have to worry about placement. However, the Potter's high damage is tempered by its slow move and attack speeds, so placing the Hot Pot forward in the grid can help it be effective against your opponent's backline.

While the Hot Pot itself does not count toward winning or losing a round, the Potter mini does! The Potter has decently high health for defensive play in which you trap it and try to run down the clock.

When playing against Hot Pot, it can be really tough to burst it down before the Potter emerges. The Potter is susceptible to swarms and ranged combat, however. Place your strongest minis in its way while you take it out from afar. The Saint Mirror is also a direct counter to the Potter, so long as you place it well.