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DiamondUnlocks at Diamond

Throw a delicious pancake to the farthest ally, granting healing and power, when ready!

HP iconHP
Star iconStars Req

How to Use Pancaker

Pancaker heals HP over time, not all at once. It's useful on minis that already have enough health or sustain to live long enough through the healing period. It's usually played in the back line to buff a forward unit, especially with units that infiltrate the opponent such as Miner or Countess. Pancaker also has decently high health. It can be used as a distraction to counter an opposing Miner or other low-damage mini, and it can act as a shield for a mini of your own. The healing can also be used to run out the clock.

Pancaker's healing over time is its critical flaw. You can build a bursty set of minis to counteract its effects. In general, it is a bad idea to focus an opposing Pancaker down.