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Warcraft Rumble Maps and Stages

Completing stages in Warcraft Rumble will reward the player with a Skull. The different maps and stages that unlock will require a certain number of Skulls. In addition, there are other features of the games that are also locked until the user receives a certain number of Skulls. Skulls could be looked at as a sort of leveling system for your account.

Warcraft Rumble Maps

The following are a list of Maps, and the number of Skulls you need to unlock them, in Warcraft Rumble.

Warcraft Rumble Dungeons

The following are a list of dungeons available in the game, as well as the skulls required to unlock them. Note that Raids are not currently available for testing and we become available at a later date.

Warcraft Rumble Stages

In Warcraft Rumble, each one of the maps has multiple stages available for it. Completing one stage unlocks the next stage. To progress through Elwynn Forest, for example, you must have complete all 5 stages to receive all 5 skulls to unlock Westfall. Below is a list of each of the stages available in the game, including the skulls needed to unlock it and the boss of the stage.

Elwynn Forest



Stranglethorn Vale

The Barrens

Onyxia's Lair


Thousand Needles


Dustwallow Marsh

Un'goro Crater



Blackrock Mountain

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