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What is the Warcraft Rumble Dungeon?

The Warcaft Rumble Dungeon is a gauntlet of three bosses. When entering the dungeon you must pick your army to go through the whole dungeon, without being able to change it. The dungeon is also different each week. This is by the type of Leader family you can use to play in it. So, if the dungeon is in Horde week, you can only bring in Horde Leader decks.

Before you start each boss, you'll also be able to select one of three relics to help boost your army through the whole dungeon. The relics can be things like Minis exploding on death, gaining extra traits, and more.

What's cool about playing dungeons, is the reward you get when you complete them. After a dungeon is finished, you'll be able to upgrade a Mini slot of the army for that leader. These upgrades are permanent so you can also use them in missions and PvP.

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