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Warcraft Rumble Monetiziation

Blizzard wants Warcraft Rumble to resemble the quality-standards of the Warcraft franchise that we're all familiar with. With that, they've announced some super interesting things for what they have in store for the game.

The game, when it was listed on the Google Play store for pre-registration, mentioned random loot, which defaulted to everything assuming loot boxes. This was a safe assumption because most mobile games have loot boxes. However, Blizzard has since clarified that there will be no loot boxes in the game.

On top of there being no loot boxes, Blizzard is also enforcing a weekly cap on the shop. Specifically, you can only buy 2,100 Gold per week. They are intentionally doing this to stop the big spenders from buying a ton of golds to get far ahead of the rest of the players.

There will also be no duplicates in the game for your units. The selection of available characters to buy will be based on your current collection of cards, so the game won't offer duplicate units in the store. This should make it much easier to slowly fill out your collection of all the characters in the game.

This monetization model seems rather unique, as most games wouldn't want to limit how much purchasing can happen. They'd want anyone and everyone to spend as much money as humanly possible. No limit plus randomness has always been the typical mobile model, so this will be a nice breath of fresh air.

NOTE: the game is still in an early beta state, so Blizzard could change this model entirely before release.

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