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Best Monk Decks

One of Monk's greatest strengths is being able to take out the other team's tanks and heroes early in the round. By using his Super, he can break through the opponent's primary defense to start attacking their damage-dealers. However, that's only if he has enough energy to do so.

It can be very helpful to provide him with some sort of gaurd so he can charge up before taking on too much damage. Knight, upgraded with his Mocking ability, is a great example since it forces nearby opponents to attack him at the start of battle.

Another useful tactic to utilize Monk's Super, is by using Fisherman to pull opponents straight to him at the start of battle. If a tank is pulled, Monk will almost immediately be able to take him out. On top of that, having a healer or Mini that stuns can be a great support to keep him striking for as long as possible.

Best Minis to Use With Monk

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