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Pocket Artillery

Pocket Artillery

Fires a rocket toward the enemy with the highest HP, damaging and stunning enemies inside a wide area of effect.

Battle Machine

Enhanced: N/A

HP iconHP
Star iconStars Req

How to Use Pocket Artillery

Within mere seconds, Pocket Artillery launches and explodes for massive damage with a large area of effect. It's best used against groups and swarms. It can also attack the enemy's back line if you spread enough damage across the front line before it launches. Importantly, the time it takes to travel to its destination increases with its distance to the target. Placing this gizmo in the first or second row can ensure it explodes before an opponent's own artillery placed further back.

Playing against Pocket Artillery, be aware that it targets the mini with the highest health upon launch. Knowing this, you can spread your minis across the board to mitigate its large area of effect, and you can ensure that a high-health mini stays healthy to draw the attack and survive it. Additionally, drawing the attack to a mini that resurrects also diminishes the artillery's effects.