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War Toot

War Toot

All allies within the area gain 40% attack speed and are Unstoppable: Immune to all control effects. for 3s every 6s

Battle Machine

Enhanced: N/A

HP iconHP
Star iconStars Req

How to Use War Toot

War Toot is a powerful, but conditional, gizmo to take. Deploying it against CC units like Wave Master, Skeleton King, and Royal Champion will give you a distinct advantage. It also has high HP and makes a great shield for your back line.

Playing against War Toot as a CC comp is dangerous. Immediately switch your strategy to anything else. The good thing is if you don't have to rely on stuns and knock-ups, your opponent essentially wastes his gizmo pick for the entire game. Consider placing a better gizmo yourself after confirming your opponent has chosen War Toot.