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Heroes crown iconRanged: 5

A magical support Hero with the power to transform into a melee-attacking deer. Specializes in healing and granting certain buffs to allies depending on her active form.



Forest's Guardian Attack

Transform to Deer Form in the front 2 rows, +15 HP
Max Can move (1/game)

  • Deer Form +2 ATK

    Lvl 1
  • Human Form +0.3 Hit Speed

    Lvl 6
  • Can move once per game

    Lvl 11

Forest's Blessing Super

Super: Target the nearest ally, AOE Heal 10% HP over 2s
Max Heal 30% HP, 2 targets

  • Heal 10% HP

    Lvl 2
  • Heal 10% HP

    Lvl 7
  • +1 target

    Lvl 12

Forest's Power Attack

Human Super: +1 Energy to target if Overhealed
Max Deer Super: 6s

  • Deer Super: 2X ATK to target for 2s if Overhealed

    Lvl 3
  • Deer Form: +2s

    Lvl 8
  • Deer Form: +2s

    Lvl 13


  • HP iconHP 15
  • Damage per Second iconDPS 1
  • Attack iconAttack 2
  • Hit Speed iconHit Speed 0.5
  • Energy Cost iconEnergy Cost 0
  • Starting Engery iconStarting Energy 1

Natureborn Counters

Natureborn has two different forms that could be countered in a couple of various ways. In human form, she uses ranged attacks and grants Energy to allies. In deer form, she has a higher HP and grants an attack buff to allies. Both forms, however, rely on her Super to heal allies. So, having units that can drain energy and reduce healing will be an effective strategy to keep Natureborn from supporting her team. And to accommodate both forms, try to lead attacks on both the frontline and backline.

Best to Use Against Natureborn