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Prune Juice Cookie

When you smell the fragrant yet subtle scent of plums across the door at the top of the endlessly spiraling staircase, you know Prune Juice Cookie is brewing his magic potions! This Cookie, made from the richest and most potent prune juice, is the best potion maker at the Parfaedia Institute. His potions are amazingly effective-just a single sip will have you feeling the dizzying effects! They say that his outstanding talent is not the sole reason he picked the efficient minimalistic art of potions over fancy, sweet dessert magic... But perhaps it's not so smart to snoop around the genius potion maker, as his charms and theatrics will persuade you to buy all of his potions! Even if you don't understand his true intentions, the effort he puts into his potion-making is evident in the ever-boiling cauldron and notebooks covered in potion stains.

Prune Juice Cookie PortraitEpic shine
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Starter Toppings

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Prune Juice Potion
Clock cooldown icon15s

Prune Juice Potion

For Prune Juice Cookie's regular attack, he throws a Prune Juice Bottle at the farthest enemy, poisoning the target and nearby enemies. Upon using his Skill, Prune Juice Cookie will throw a giant Prune Juice Bottle containing poison. When the bottle shatters, it will inflict Poison DMG Boost, Sticky Goo, Poison, and summon Prune Jellies. The HP of summoned Prune Jellies are reduced by the number of hits. Summoned Prune Jellies will spread Prune Gas from time to time, poisoning nearby enemies. Summoned Prune Jellies are consisted of poison, immune to any kind of periodic effects and are not affected by Shield or Healing.